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Software Develop

switch to online

In general people think that software means the one which can be installed to a desktop machine and then it can be used. But now the definition has changed, after the popularity and ease of access of Internet, now everything goes online and so does the software. Now the era is of online software which is also known as portal.

use anyware

The main advantage of the portal is, it can be used from anywhere as it is online. So you not need to install it everywhere. If you are using the software from one office and then if you want to use it from your another office or from your home or from your mobile phone, you just need to access your URL and login with your credentials, that’s it, you are good to go!!!

advance still secure

We have private dedicated Microsoft windows servers for hosting portal and software. Even though your data is online, but it is totally safe and secure. We also uses encryption which will load data quickly and make it secure.

html5 + css3

We uses HTML5 + CSS3 technology for developing portals and online software as well. Portal developed by Krina Web® are responsive just like our website. So if you are using laptop or mobile or tablet to access your portal, you will get similar look and feel and same performance in all the devices. Customer can use the portal very easily.